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Water Shut off valve

Types of Water Shut Off Valves

Jan 10 2023

A water shut-off valve is a simple device to regulate water flow to kitchen and bathroom plumbing. The...

Journeyman Plumber In Canada

How To Become a Journeyman Plumber in Canada

Jan 2 2023

The demand for qualified plumbers is always great, especially if it is a journeyman plumber. Journeyman plumbers come...

Plumbing tools.

Finish a Basement Bathroom with Rough in Plumbing

Dec 20 2022

Home renovations usually require adding or modifying a basement bathroom. In some cases, the homeowner will already have...

Toilet Leaking

9 Possible Reasons Your Toilet is Leaking

Dec 13 2022

There is perhaps no other fixture in our home that is as trustworthy and well-used as the toilet....

Water flowing into a shower drain

How to Unclog a Shower Drain (+ Cleaning Tips!)

Dec 6 2022

Taking a shower should be a calm and relaxing experience (except if you're late for work, of course—then...

flushing toilet

Does Your Toilet Whistle After Flushing

Dec 4 2022

Do you hear a soft whistling noise or an ear-piercing sound coming from your toilet every time it...

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