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How Much Does A Plumber Cost In Ontario?

Jul 24 2023
A plumber fixing sink pipes

You know that saying that goes: “If you want something done right, do it yourself”?

Well, that isn’t always the case—especially when it comes to plumbing.

In the world of plumbing, if you want something done right, call the experts.

Fully-certified plumbers, also known as journeymen, are skilled professionals in their industry. They are trained intensively and are highly knowledgeable in their field of work. In other words, it sure beats braving the guesswork with good old DIY.

If you live in Ontario, you might be wondering about the average plumber hourly rate and overall pricing before you pick up the phone to call in an expert.

While the rates may vary depending on the company, task, materials, and equipment, we’re going to give you a bird’s eye view of the average costs.
Read on to discover the average plumber cost per hour.

Average Plumber Hourly Rate In Ontario

A Plumber’s Hourly Rates

Those in need of plumber services in Ontario can find skilled journeymen with varying rates. The average plumber cost per hour ranges from $145 to $300 per hour. If it’s a simple task of unclogging a bathtub or sink, costs may fall below this estimate. On the other hand, if the task at hand is more complicated, it’s no surprise if the average price goes through the ceiling a bit.

Additionally, if your plumbing issue demands more materials and heavy equipment, the bills could go up too.

When it comes down to it, the final bill will depend on the type of service performed, the cost of the materials, and the hours it took to complete.

It’s important to keep in mind that quality results come with quality price tags.

 A plumber unclogging a toilet

Discovering More Plumbing Problems

An uptick in a plumber’s fees can also be associated with unexpected repairs.

Let’s say you called a plumber to save you from the perils (and disgust) of a clogged toilet, but they discovered that your bathtub drain needs rescuing too. This is both a good and a slightly more costly thing, as the work would be divided into two separate jobs and billed separately.

This is a great example of professional plumbing being superior to DIY plumbing. A journeyman would notice even the most inconspicuous issues before they become more difficult to repair, while you might be less sensitive to detecting underlying plumbing problems.

Flat Rates

In some cases, plumbers may charge a flat rate instead of hourly rates. One could be better than the other, depending on what type of plumbing services you’ll be needing.

How Much Does a Plumber Charge for Installation Services?

Dishwasher Installation

Installing a dishwasher is no walk in the park, and it costs an average of $400 to have it installed by a professional.

Washing Machine installation

Plumber pricing for washing machine installation can range from as little as $50 to $850. The fees would vary based on existing provisions, such as outlets, drains, electrical lines, water lines, and other necessary components.

Bathtub Installation

The plumber cost for bathtub installation usually ranges between $500 to $2,000.

Toilet Installation

A plumber in Ontario would commonly charge around $250 to $600 for toilet installation services.

A plumber installing washing machine

How Much Does a Plumber Charge for Repair Services?

Leaky Faucet Repair

It costs about $65 to $150 to have a leaky faucet repaired.

Water Heater Repair

The average cost of having a water heater repaired in Ontario is about $1,500.

Sink Repair

Clogged sink drains are a huge pain to deal with, but having them repaired would only make your wallet $120 to $170 lighter.

Clogged Toilet Repair

Small toilet blockages will cost around $75 to unclog, whereas more challenging ones may require you to shell out $500.

Sump Pump Repair

Plumbers tend to charge an average of $500 to $2,000 for sump pump maintenance services.

The Cost of Quality

The cost of quality doesn’t have to be sky-high. Take it from the master plumbers at 1st Rooter!

Our team of experts provides nothing less than unparalleled plumbing services in Hamilton, Oakville, and Burlington that you can rely on 24/7 at reasonable rates.

Give us a call to learn more about our services and plumber pricing.

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