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How a Simple Water Leak Can Cause Major Damage

Jul 28 2022
a broken pipe causing a water leak

Many people see a tiny leak and don’t get it looked at immediately because they think a small leak won’t hurt anything. Unfortunately, the opposite is true.

A small water leak can lead to costly water bills and eventual water damage. Believe it or not, even a leak that drips just a few drips an hour can cause massive water leak damage if ignored. 

In fact, a leaky pipe dripping at the rate of three small drops per hour will release a litre of water into your home. By the year’s close, water leaks will have resulted in a loss of 104 gallons per year. Not only will that cause your water bill to jump exponentially, but it will result in some significant water leak damage behind your walls, under your sink, or in your ceilings/floorings. When it comes to plumbing, out of sight does not mean out of mind. 

Small Water Leaks Lead to Big Headaches

The problem with water leaks is that the water has to go somewhere; most of the time, it is your walls, floors, and foundation. All of these areas will absorb the water, but given enough time, those few drips can overwhelm your home, leading to structural damage. By the time you notice the water leak damage, you may have discoloured wallpaper, streaking along your walls, or a damaged ceiling (with or without flakes of paint falling off). 

At this point, you not only will have to worry about calling a plumbing company to address the water leak, but you may also need help from a contractor to ensure the structural integrity of your walls and ceiling is still sound. Depending on how long the water leak has persisted, it may even become a health risk. 

a homeowner upset over exposed walls due to water leak damage from a hidden pipe

Health Issues Tied to Water Leaks

Outside of becoming a costly nuisance, water leaks can also result in health issues because where there is moisture, there is often mildew and mould. It doesn’t take much for tiny mould spores to form; and once they do, they will quickly spread, leading to potential respiratory problems for everyone in your home. Keep in mind that hidden leaks are just as capable of producing mould as the ones you can see. 

For most people, the presence of mould leads to an allergic response similar to hay fever, but for some people with certain conditions such as asthma, sinusitis, or COPD, mould exposure can lead to severe allergic reactions. Mould can also lead to skin infections for those who have impaired or immunosuppressed immune systems. 

This is why most water leak damage restoration companies also offer mould remediation services, increasing the costs of treating water leak damage. At this point, the price of paying a plumber in Ontario to fix a small leak is highly appealing. 

Water Leaks from Outside of Your Home

It is important to note that leaking pipes are not the only way water can slip into your home. Small cracks in your foundation or outdoor plumbing pipes can also lead to water leak damage if left unaddressed. The Greater Toronto Area is known for some crazy summer storms and harsh winters, which means that a tiny leak can quickly lead to a great deal of water leak damage inside your home. 

Fixing an outdoor plumbing issue or calling a plumber that offers sump pump installation for your basement will save you a great deal of money over time. The simple truth of the matter is there is no such thing as a small leak because every type of water leak has the potential to lead to high costs for homeowners. Proactive homeowners appreciate this fact and call for expert plumbers the minute they suspect an issue, so they don’t have to deal with flooding or water leak damage down the road. 

a burst pipe outside the home

What to Do If You Notice Water Leaks in Your Home

If you notice a water leak outside or inside your Oakville, Hamilton, or Burlington home, don’t ignore it.

For over two decades, 1st Rooter Plumbing has proven its expertise in finding and repairing water leaks in our customers’ homes. We offer top-notch commercial and residential services and offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services for water leaks that cannot wait. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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