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8 Signs You Need to Replace Your Old Plumbing System

Oct 27 2023
A series of new household water pipes

The plumbing system in your home is a vital part of your daily routine. Anything that involves food preparation, cleaning, and waste disposal is powered by water.  

Given that our plumbing systems work hard to provide us with a constant supply of water, even the most robust ones can show signs of wear and tear over time. Eventually, this could lead to a variety of problems that potentially compromise the safety, convenience, and functionality of your household.

Of course, minor plumbing issues can be repaired, but more severe damage may call for a complete overhaul of the plumbing system. So, when is it time to consider replacing plumbing in an old house

Here are eight signs your old plumbing pipes aren’t working properly.

1. Corroded Pipes 

Visibly corroded or damaged pipes are a clear sign of wear and tear. Examine all exposed pipes in basements, utility rooms, or crawl spaces for signs of corrosion.

Corrosion manifests in the form of stains, pimples, dimpling, or flaking. This is especially common when it comes to copper pipes or copper pipe fittings, galvanized steel pipes, and cast iron pipes. 

In case you come across anything odd, contact a professional plumber immediately. If not, this issue could cause extensive water damage and costly repairs.

Corroded, old pipes in a house

2. Low Water Pressure  

If your home’s water pressure has been consistently low, it could be attributed to mineral buildup, pipe corroson, or blockages in your plumbing system. Old plumbing pipes tend to accumulate debris and scale over time, causing reduced water flow.

It goes without saying that low water pressure slows you down when showering, washing dishes, doing the laundry, washing your car, watering plants, and more! 

After a plumber evaluates the situation, they can determine if your old house’s plumbing system needs to be replaced. Replacing pipes can do wonders for restoring water pressure and improving the functionality of your household. 

3. Frequent Leaks and Drips 

Leaks are common occurrences, but if the occasional leak is turning into a serial leak, it might be a sign of a more serious issue. Persistent water leaks can spell major damage for your home.

Severely damaged pipes and outdated fixtures can trigger expensive repairs in the future, so replace as needed and as soon as possible. 

4. Discoloured or Rusty Water 

If the water supply isn’t clear, then that’s a clear sign that something is up. 

Tap water that is discoloured is typically due to the presence of rust in piping. Replacing plumbing in old houses helps to eliminate contaminated water. That way, you and your family can use tap water without any rust-related health worries.  

5. Unpleasant Odours 

Foul odours emanating from your drains or plumbing fixtures can be a sign of trapped sewage gas or bacterial growth within your old plumbing. A full system replacement can help eliminate these odours and ensure a more hygienic environment.

6. Mould or Mildew 

Mould and mildew are health complications just waiting to happen. If you notice them growing on the ceiling or walls, they could be waving a red flag about a leak in the plumbing system. Replacing old plumbing pipes can save your home from catastrophic water damage and health issues.

A plumber repairing a water leak coming from the ceiling

7. Unusually High Water Bills 

A significant hike in your water bills can usually be traced back to leaks or weakened pipes. Opting to replace old pipes in your house is usually an effective solution for a stubborn leak. On top of that, it could also save you a lot of money down the road.

8. Lead and Polybutylene Pipes

Old house plumbing (think early 20th century) is commonly equipped with lead and polybutylene pipes. If an inspection reveals that your home is running on these outdated pipes, it’s imperative that you opt for pipe replacement immediately.

Lead pipes can leak lead into the water, resulting in serious health problems. To that effect, there is no other option than to have them replaced, no matter their condition. Polybutylene pipes, on the other hand, don’t come with hazardous side effects. Instead, they are extremely fragile, so that’s a call for an overhaul too. 

Make the Plumbing Problems Pipe Down 

Don’t let old plumbing pipes hinder your home from being highly functional.

When it comes to replacing plumbing in an old house, you can count on 1st Rooter to provide exceptional quality service—just as we have for the past 25 years. Don’t run the risk of water damaging your century home, request a quote with our expert team today to prevent this from happening before it’s too late.

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