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5 Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

Sep 29 2022
An expert fixing a plumbing emergency

Plumbing emergencies can be a real nightmare. They can happen out of the blue and cause huge panic in the house.

In these moments, there’s no room for stress; homeowners should get on their phones immediately and call a professional plumber to help them fix the issue as soon as possible.

The good news is that there is something homeowners can do and mitigate the damage. They can familiarize themselves with the most common plumbing emergencies. This helps them become aware of common signs of plumbing issues and prevent minor problems from becoming worse. 

Scroll down to learn more about the five most common reasons to call a plumber. 

A toilet with plumbing issues

1. Your Toilet Is Running

If you hear any whistling sounds from the toilet, it might be a warning sign of leaky valves. Consequently, there might be a flood to stop if it becomes entirely ruined. If it’s unattended, it will cause damage to the toilet.

Have you ever been in a situation where you are taking a shower, and in the background, you hear water constantly flowing through your toilet? If this is the case, then chances are that you have a running toilet in your bathroom.

Is this a major problem? 

It’s not catastrophic, and it won’t seriously damage your toilet, but it will increase your utility bills. For those unaware, a running toilet can use almost 200 gallons of water. A major running toilet may be considered a plumbing emergency, but the toilet rough-in measurements and other silly problems are not considered emergencies.

In 90% of cases, a flapper valve that’s worn out is causing your toilet to use up all the excessive water. One that works properly should let water flow down your toilet easily.

The chances of a running toilet are even higher if you live in a neighbourhood with hard water. This means that the water you’re using has high mineral content.

2. Your Sewer System Is Backed-Up

Most homeowners don’t realize the importance of sewer maintenance until their sewer system gets backed up. Backed-up sewers are a complete nightmare compared to a running toilet.

This plumbing emergency can back up through almost any drain in your house. It could be your kitchen sink, bathtub or even toilet. 

There are several reasons why your sewer system can get backed up:

  • Sanitary main blockage;
  • Water in the basement; and
  • Blockages from tree roots.

A warning sign that your sewer may be backed up is an unpleasant smell coming from the drain. If you smell this odour, you should get on the phone with a plumbing expert ASAP.

3. You Don’t Have Hot Water

Another sign to worry about is being flooded with ice-cold water when you get in the shower. It’s an incredibly unpleasant moment and one of the warning signs that you might have a plumbing issue in your home. If this happens too often, you shouldn’t ignore the problem.

So, what is the reason you are getting blasted with ice-cold water?

Your water heater is the root of the issue. You’re either dealing with a pipe that burst or an electrical issue. Either way, the utility company is the one that should take the blame.

On a related note, your water heater might be leaking. If you’ve had it for ages, the chances of this happening are even higher.

Homeowners should look for water dripping down the sides of the water heater. Keep in mind that this is a real emergency, and you should request an inspection as soon as possible.

4. Your Sink Is Clogged

Not all common plumbing emergencies are tied solely to bathrooms. A clogged kitchen sink can be a sign of a major problem as well.

Take a closer look at your bathroom or kitchen sink when you let the water run. If you notice that the water is draining more slowly, that’s a good enough sign to worry.

In hardwater areas, the limescale deposits can cover the inside of pipes and make it harder to pass the water through them.

There are two possible outcomes to this scenario: 

You will either have a minor clog and the water will drain extremely slowly, or you will have a large clog that will prevent any water from going down the sink.

Either way, you shouldn’t wait for the situation to worsen before calling for plumbing services.

A clogged sink

5. You Have A Burst Pipe

You could say that plumbing emergencies are more common during wintertime.

For instance, water that freezes during winter can expand so much that it makes your pipes burst. However, cold weather is not the only factor, as old pipes or certain materials can contribute to this as well. 

A burst pipe can do a lot of damage to your home if it goes unnoticed.

Call 1st Rooter In Case of Plumbing Emergencies

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