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Plumbing tools.

Finish a Basement Bathroom with Rough in Plumbing

Dec 20 2022

Home renovations usually require adding or modifying a basement bathroom. In some cases, the homeowner will already have basement rough in plumbing, which reduces renovation costs and construction...

Toilet Leaking

9 Possible Reasons Your Toilet is Leaking

Dec 13 2022

There is perhaps no other fixture in our home that is as trustworthy and well-used as the toilet. Besides its regular cleaning, the cost of toilet maintenance is...

Water flowing into a shower drain

How to Unclog a Shower Drain (+ Cleaning Tips!)

Dec 6 2022

Taking a shower should be a calm and relaxing experience (except if you're late for work, of course—then it's chaotic). But a clogged shower drain can ruin the...

flushing toilet

Does Your Toilet Whistle After Flushing

Dec 4 2022

Do you hear a soft whistling noise or an ear-piercing sound coming from your toilet every time it gets refilled? This could be annoying to hear a whistling...

imescale forming on a bathroom faucet

How to Remove Limescale and Prevent it From Coming Back

Dec 1 2022

You may have noticed white scales forming on your faucets, toilet bowl, and showerheads, or observed a powdery white substance on the surface of your kettle and drinking...

Orange sewage pipes

Should You Clear a Main Sewer Line Clog Yourself?

Nov 15 2022

When the problem is a clogged drain, you might think that the solution is a plunger. While that may be true in some situations, there are instances where...

A person fixing a leaky faucet

How to Fix a Leaky Faucet

Nov 1 2022

A leaky faucet can easily become a nightmare that haunts you in a myriad of ways. First off, let's talk about the large amount of water that pools...

A toilet and bidet

Toilet Rough-In Measurement: A Step-by-Step Guide

Oct 4 2022

There comes a time when every toilet needs to be replaced. This is because wear and tear are bound to cause cracks, leaks, or other types of damage...

An expert fixing a plumbing emergency

5 Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

Sep 29 2022

Plumbing emergencies can be a real nightmare. They can happen out of the blue and cause huge panic in the house. In these moments, there's no room for...

A photo showing pipes on a brick wall.

Plumbing Problems in Old Homes: 5 Things You Need to Be Aware Of

Sep 15 2022

Despite their age, many families still prefer buying an older home in Ontario. They are mostly admired for their architecture and memories that made them a home in...