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A person throwing vegetable peels into the sink garburator

Is Your Garburator Clogged? Here’s How to Fix It

Apr 22 2024

A clogged garburator can turn a simple kitchen task into a frustrating ordeal, leaving you with a sink full of water and nowhere for your food scraps to...

A kitchen sink full of dirty dishes

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in Drain

Apr 8 2024

Are you noticing a steadily growing fruit fly population in your kitchen or bathroom? Maybe you’ve noticed the fruit flies hanging around your sinks and seen one or...

A woman mopping up water after a washing machine leak

What to Do if Your Washing Machine Is Leaking From the Bottom

Mar 18 2024

Water puddles, a musty smell, and warped flooring in your laundry room—these are some telltale signs of a washer leaking from underneath.  A washing machine leaking from the...

An opened sump pump pit with a yellow measuring stick plunged inside and canisters standing near its edges

Sump Pump Float Switch Types Explained

Mar 4 2024

There are four main sump pump switch types—tethered, vertical, diaphragm, and electronic—that all share a common purpose: keeping your basement dry! They all work by detecting water levels...

Plumbing tools.

Finish a Basement Bathroom with Rough in Plumbing

Dec 20 2022

Home renovations usually require adding or modifying a basement bathroom. In some cases, the homeowner will already have basement rough in plumbing, which reduces renovation costs and construction...

Toilet Leaking

9 Possible Reasons Your Toilet is Leaking

Dec 13 2022

There is perhaps no other fixture in our home that is as trustworthy and well-used as the toilet. Besides its regular cleaning, the cost of toilet maintenance is...

Water flowing into a shower drain

How to Unclog a Shower Drain (+ Cleaning Tips!)

Dec 6 2022

Taking a shower should be a calm and relaxing experience (except if you're late for work, of course—then it's chaotic). But a clogged shower drain can ruin the...

flushing toilet

Does Your Toilet Whistle After Flushing

Dec 4 2022

Do you hear a soft whistling noise or an ear-piercing sound coming from your toilet every time it gets refilled? This could be annoying to hear a whistling...

imescale forming on a bathroom faucet

How to Remove Limescale and Prevent it From Coming Back

Dec 1 2022

You may have noticed white scales forming on your faucets, toilet bowl, and showerheads, or observed a powdery white substance on the surface of your kettle and drinking...

Orange sewage pipes

Should You Clear a Main Sewer Line Clog Yourself?

Nov 15 2022

When the problem is a clogged drain, you might think that the solution is a plunger. While that may be true in some situations, there are instances where...