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Getting your plumbing done right the first time is vital to keeping your construction project on schedule and on budget. When you need licensed and insured professional plumbers who know and understand building codes for new construction, contact 1st Rooter Plumbing in Hamilton, Oakville, and Burlington. We’ve been in business for more than 25 years and have decades of expert experience in working with both commercial and residential new builds. 

Our team of expert plumbers provides plumbing rough-in services for new construction, and we can also do total replacements of old plumbing systems and any commercial and residential plumbing projects. Contact us today for information about pricing, quotes, and scheduling.

What Are Plumbing Rough-Ins?

Plumbing rough-ins are a crucial first step to bring water to and away from homes. Our plumbers tap into the city’s water main and run a water supply line to your home, where it’ll be attached to a shutoff valve and the home’s interior plumbing can be installed. Water needs somewhere to go after it’s used, so we’ll run a sewer line to take black and gray water from your house to the city sewers. Final connections are not made until the later stages of the project.

If you’re planning a new build or renovation project and need support from rough-in plumbers in Hamilton, Oakville, or Burlington, we’re here to help. We’re the area’s number one source for reliable commercial and residential plumbing services, including plumbing rough-ins.

Do You Need a Rough-In Plumber?

Plumbing rough-in projects require specialized equipment, like trenchers that can dig deep into the ground to reach the city’s water main. We have all the specialized equipment that can dig deep enough and fast enough to get the plumbing rough-ins completed on time and get you on to the next stage of the building process. If you need our services beyond rough-ins, we’re happy to install fixtures.

Our Plumbing Rough-In Services

We understand that each stage of the construction process that isn’t done on time holds up another project for another trade person. Our plumbing rough-in services will ensure pipes are run to and from the house and to and from each room that should have running water.

Bathroom Rough-in Plumbing

Bathroom rough-in projects are vitally important to the health and hygiene of a home. We ensure our plumbing rough-in projects meet or exceed provincial building and safety codes and will function properly when the water comes on. Your plumbing will be leak-free, safe, and up to code.

Basement Rough-in Plumbing

The timing of installing rough-in plumbing is important. Pipes need to be installed below basement floors if you want a finished basement with plumbing. Without a doubt, it’s easier to install rough-in plumbing before concrete floors are poured. If not, plumbers have to trench through cement to lay pipes. When you’re ready for rough-in plumbing, we’re here to help.In order to minimize flooding in the basement, most homes have a small piece of the basement floor excavated out for a sump pump. A one-way check valve that stops the water that was initially evacuated from the pit from returning is typically included in a sump pump system. A sump pump controls the area by sensing the water and pumping it away from the home through a system of pipes.

Kitchen Rough-in Plumbing

Kitchen rough-ins should be installed by an expert who understands provincial codes for P traps, waste outlets, trap adapters, pipe lengths, and more. Our plumbers can properly install kitchen rough-in plumbing that’ll get your project through inspection with flying colours.

Laundry Room Rough-in Plumbing

Laundry rooms need water lines, vent pipes, and drains. It’s important that your vent lines are properly installed so negative pressure from a draining washing machine doesn’t push sewer gas into the home. The plumbers at 1st Rooter Plumbing will install water lines, drains, and vent pipes that’ll keep your home safe.

Why Choose 1st Rooter Plumbing?

We know that crawl spaces are tight and sometimes doing the job right is quite difficult. Our plumbers are experts, and we excel at difficult jobs. We haven’t been in business for more than 25 years by taking all the easy jobs. When your project and reputation as a builder are on the line, you need the work to be pristine. Excellent work is our hallmark, and it’s why our customers and fellow tradesmen call on us year after year, decade after decade.

Do you need emergency plumbing services because there’s a problem with the plumbing or you’re on a tight deadline and can’t get the project done without help? The reinforcements are here. We’ll help you get the job done on time.

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1st Rooter Plumbing in Hamilton, Oakville, and Burlington is your source for plumbing rough-ins for new construction. We offer rough-ins and other plumbing services more for commercial and residential builds. 

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