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Commercial Plumbing Services

Commercial Property Managers in Hamilton deal with thousands of tenants on a daily basis. They need to keep their building functioning well to ensure all the residents can go about their days smoothly. When something goes wrong, they are the first to hear about it. 1st Rooter is highly experienced with all areas of commercial plumbing, from high rise condo buildings to restaurant plumbing issues. Over the past 25 years, we have built a reputation as the leading Hamilton plumbing service for property managers and business owners alike. Our team of dedicated plumbers are available 24/7 for all plumbing emergencies no matter when they strike. If you are looking for the best plumbers Hamilton has to offer, contact us today and your property will be in good hands.


Plumbing Services For Property Managers

Property managers in Hamilton look after thousands of tenants on a daily basis. They have to ensure facilities are working properly, cleaning happens as scheduled, and tenants are kept happy. If the plumbing fails in a major condo building, property managers can be flooded with complaints from the residents. This can cause a major headache which property managers just don’t need. 1st Rooter is the leading plumbing service in Hamilton for property managers. We offer specialised services for commercial properties, including 24/7 emergency call out and priority scheduling. Our team of highly experienced Hamilton plumbers are capable of handling every plumbing system and situation. Our fleet of seven vehicles comes fully stocked with all the tools required to get the job done right.

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Condo Plumbing

The Greater Toronto Area has one of the highest densities of condo buildings in Canada. While these buildings can help with easing housing pressures and allow for downtown living, they also present their own unique set of challenges when it comes to plumbing. Condos are different from houses as their plumbing systems are interconnected with their neighbours and form one large system that services the entire building. This allows for streamlined construction and waste disposal, which are major selling points for condo development. Most condo buildings will have a central utilities room where the major functioning units of the plumbing system will be housed. 1st Rooter has extensive experience repairing and maintaining condo building plumbing systems. Our Hamilton plumbers are relied on by many property managers to ensure their buildings are running smoothly. We specialize in both in-condo and building-wide plumbing issues, including clogged drains and pipes, back ups, and mixing valve issues. Our dedicated team is available any time of the day or night, so property managers can have peace of mind knowing their buildings will always be covered.


The Experts In Restaurant Plumbing

With over 20,000 restaurants in the GTA, and 1,000 of them in Hamilton, the culinary industry is alive and well in Ontario. Perhaps more so than any other industry, restaurants rely heavily on their plumbing systems to maintain a high standard of service and a good reputation with their customers. Dishes need to be washed quickly and efficiently, customers need to use the washroom, and water needs to be boiled constantly. If any of these services were to fail, the results could be serious for a restaurant’s bottom line. 1st Rooter understands that your plumbing is the lifeblood of your business and any issues require urgent attention. Our expert plumbers in Hamilton are just a phone call away, and are available to assist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Kitchen Sink Unclogging

The most important part of any restaurant’s kitchen is the sink. This hard working fixture is where produce is washed, pots are filled with water, and dishes are washed. When the drain stops draining efficiently, or the sink clogs completely, things can grind to a halt. 1st Rooter has become the most trusted name in restaurant plumbing services in Hamilton. Our fully licensed and insured plumbers make identifying the source of the issue quickly and then proceeding with the best solution their top priority. We offer snaking, high pressure water jetting, and rooting services for all restaurants in the GTA. Our team will arrive on time and treat your business with the respect it deserves. Once we have completed our repairs, we will leave your workspace as clean as when we arrived. It’s just another way we’re committed to being the best plumbers in Hamilton.

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Customer Washroom Repair

Another area of the restaurant that has no time for a back up is the customer washroom. Customers expect a nice and functioning washroom during their meal, and when something goes wrong with the plumbing, it can really spoil the mood. Not only can a backed up toilet or washroom sink be off putting to your customers, it can also be dangerous from a sanitary perspective. We know that time is of the essence when it comes to restaurant washroom plumbing, so our expert plumbers are available at all hours to help. A quick call to our support line will have a plumber at your restaurant in no time at all. We will assess the situation, make expert recommendations, and then proceed with a plan that will solve your problem quickly and cost effectively.

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Office Building Plumbing Services in Hamilton

Being the financial and business capital of Canada, Toronto and and GTA is home to the largest number of office buildings in the country. With more office buildings going up every year, the commercial plumbing needs in Hamilton are only going to get bigger. 1st Rooter has been serving the Hamilton community for almost three decades with paralleled professionalism and excellent work. Our team of dedicated Hamilton plumbers are experts in all areas of office building plumbing, including communal office bathroom repairs, office kitchen drain unclogging, and office building plumbing maintenance. We make your building our top priority every time you call, so you can rest assured your office is in good hands with our plumbers in Hamilton.


Utility Room Plumbing

Most high rise condo and office buildings will have a centralised utility room that houses the majority of the key plumbing systems. This is vastly different to how a residential plumbing system works, and requires special expertise and skills to properly maintain. Property managers dealing with thousands of office workers don’t have time to worry about the quality of work their plumbers are providing. 1st Rooter is the leading provider of commercial plumbing services in Hamilton and the GTA. Our passionate plumbers are always on call for property managers, with our true 24/7 emergency plumbing policy allowing us to respond day or night. We are experts in dealing with all types of utility plumbing systems, including waste drainage, mixing valves, and pipe cleaning.

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Peace Of Mind For Landlords

In a housing market as hot as the GTA’s, landlords want to know their investments are well protected. After saving for your property, a burst pipe or faulty plumbing could devastate your finances in seconds. Similarly, your tenants will expect properly functioning plumbing and have legal recourse if the system is not up to standard. 1st Rooter has become the most trusted plumbing service in Hamilton for landlords looking to protect their properties. We specialise in providing professional service to landlords when they need it, whether it happens in the middle of the day or the middle of the night. We have a strict “Shoes Off, Floor Covered” policy that ensures your property is left in the same state we found it in. Our plumbers in Hamilton are always professional and courteous, so you do not have to worry about your tenants being left disgruntled by the experience.


Plumbing Services For Investment Properties

Investment properties are one of the most popular forms of investment for many people. In particular, Toronto and the GTA has a high number of investment properties, as investors look to capitalise on the strong housing market. When it comes to your investment property, you only want the best to safeguard your money. 1st Rooter specialises in offering unbeatable plumbing services for landlords in Hamilton and the GTA. Our plumbers are available 24/7 for emergency call outs, and are highly experienced in dealing with tenants in a polite and professional manner. Clogged drains, backed up sinks, and toilet repairs are all as good as done once you contact 1st Rooter.

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24/7 Emergency Plumbing Availability

Commercial plumbing is unique in that when something goes wrong, it can affect thousands of people. Unlike typical residential plumbing, which normally only has to cope with one family or so, commercial plumbing can deal with thousands of tenants in either a condo building or office setting. When something goes wrong, the property manager needs a solution immediately. That’s why 1st Rooter is proud to offer our emergency plumbing service to all commercial buildings in Hamilton and the GTA. This service provides an expert Hamilton plumber at any time of the day or night who will be on your doorstep as soon as possible. We understand that commercial plumbing emergencies cannot wait for normal business hours to be addressed. A simple call to our dedicated emergency plumbing hotline and one of our seven fully stocked vehicles will be on their way to your location immediately. If you want peace of mind knowing you will be covered for any issue at any time, contact 1st Rooter today.

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