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Drains are some of the most crucial and hardest working elements of any plumbing system. They allow wastewater to drain away from the source and be carried away from the property, allowing the fixture to be used again. Drains are present in every room of the home that involves flowing water, typically the bathroom, kitchen, and basement. As drains deal with so much water on a daily basis, they can become clogged over time with various substances such as hair, grease, and other detritus. Over the past 25 years, 1st Rooter has seen it all and has become the most trusted name in drain clearing and unclogging for Hamilton and GTA residents.


Basement Drain Back Up

Basement drains function to remove any excess water that may build up in the lowest part of your home and prevent water damage from moving up the property. They are often coupled with a sump pump if your basement lies below the grade line to assist with more significant water movements. If your basement drain backs up, your entire property is put at risk due to the possible water damage done to the foundations and the rest of your home. Our Hamilton plumbers are highly experienced in dealing with basement drain back ups and preventing any further damage from occurring in your home. We will quickly identify the cause of the blockage and remove it using the best plumbing techniques available. Once the drain is moving freely again, we will investigate how it came to happen and give you tips on how to avoid a similar situation in the future.

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clogged sink

Something that almost everyone has experienced at least once in their lives is the horror of seeing a toilet or sink become clogged. This unpleasant situation arises when the drain opening and connected piping becomes clogged with solids or greases and prevents any wastewater from escaping. This renders the fixture useless until the clog is removed, which can significantly disrupt your home life. When you see your toilet or sinks are clogged, simply contact 1st Rooter and an expert will be on your doorstep in no time. Our plumbers are fully licensed and insured and have over two decades of experience unclogging every kind of drain in the business. We make clearing the blockage quickly and efficiently our top priority, and will ensure our workspace is left completely clean when we leave.


Tree Root Invasion Cleaning

Something that Hamilton and the GTA are particularly susceptible to are invasive tree roots which can disrupt plumbing systems. During the warmer months, trees tend to expand their root networks and a convenient source of water and nutrients is often presented in leaky outdoor plumbing. These roots can work their way into pipes and begin to clog them, resulting in slow drain or completely blocked pipes that can impact all fixtures within the home. As our name suggests, we are the experts in performing rooter services in Hamilton and the GTA. Our experienced plumbers will locate the source of the invasive roots and clear them using the latest techniques. Once they have been cleared and the affected plumbing repaired, we will consult with you on how to best avoid this in the future and ensure your yard is returned to its proper state.

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Slow or Clogged Drains

One of the most annoying things to see in the kitchen or bathroom is a slow moving drain. Having wastewater build up while you shower or wash the dishes is unpleasant, unhygienic, and slows down your routine. Drains that are draining slowly are at a heightened risk of becoming completely blocked, which is more serious and will require urgent attention. To prevent this from occurring, contact 1st Rooter once you notice your drains moving slowly. Our talented plumbers in Hamilton will arrive at your home and inspect your clogged or slow moving drain to identify the cause. They will then use techniques such as CCTV camera inspection, hydrojetting, or snaking to remove the blockage and have your drains flowing smoothly again. We take pride in our work and guarantee that every time we leave your home you’ll be satisfied with the results.

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Sewer Back Ups

A sewer back up is whenever wastewater comes up through drains, fixtures, and sinks in the home instead of flowing away to the sewer line. There are a variety of causes for sewer back ups including blockages, burst pipes, broken sewer pumps, and excessive flooding. These situations would be classed as plumbing emergencies, as raw sewage is not only damaging to your property, but contains harmful bacteria and chemicals that can impact your family’s health. Whenever 1st Rooter receives the call to assist with a sewer back up, we make it our top priority to arrive at your home as soon as possible to begin the repairing process. We quickly isolate the cause of the back up and clear it efficiently. Once your sewer line is flowing smoothly again, we will assist with cleaning up the wastewater and returning your home to its former state. Attempting to deal with a sewer back up yourself can lead to further damage and potential illness. Always contact a licensed and insured Hamilton plumber for your sewer needs.

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Drain Snaking

When a drain gets clogged, there are a range of different techniques that can be used to clear the blockage. One of the most popular for solid clogs is snaking. This involves using a flexible metallic hose that is fed down a clogged drain and can be remotely manoeuvred by your Hamilton plumber to free up the blockage. The clog is then either washed down your pipes, or brought back up with the machine to be disposed of. Drain snaking is particularly useful in the bathroom to remove built up hair in the shower drain, or accidentally flushed objects in the toilet. 1st Rooter has been snaking drains in Hamilton and the GTA for over 25 years, and we have dealt with every kind of blockage. We use the latest machines to ensure your pipes are left undamaged and will have your drains draining properly in no time at all. Simply call our dedicated team and a licensed plumber will be with you shortly.


Drain Flushing/Jetting

A good defence is the best offence applies to sports as well as plumbing. When it comes to protecting your home from major plumbing emergencies, practicing regular plumbing maintenance is one of the best things you can do. Drain flushing or high pressure water jetting is an ideal way to keep your pipes running in peak condition. This process involves threading a specialized hose down your drain that sprays water out all directions at very high pressures. This acts like a scourer for your pipes and can remove any kind of build up instantly. After a water jetting, your pipes will be as good as new and ready to serve you for decades more to come. At 1st Rooter, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of preventative plumbing maintenance services like drain flushing and hydrojetting. We only use industry-leading technology and best practices to ensure your pipes are left sparkling in record time.

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Camera Inspection

When your drains begin to slow down or stop working completely, you need to know what is causing the problem in order to implement the most effective solution. CCTV camera inspection is the preferred method for looking into your pipes without needing to disassemble your plumbing system. A flexible wire camera is threaded down your pipes and provides a clear view of what is happening in your drain so that you know how to deal with it. We are highly experienced in using camera inspection to locate the source of the issue and then using the best solution to clear the blockage. Our plumbers are passionate about providing the best customer experience in Hamilton and the GTA. That’s why we always take our shoes off and protect your floor when we enter your home, and ensure we clean up our workspace after we are done.


Sewer Drain Replacement

Sewer pipes and drains are some of the longest lived elements of a plumbing system, with an average lifespan of around 50 to 60 years. However, they do not last forever, and will eventually need to be replaced in order to continue working effectively. Being proactive about replacing your sewer drains is vital to ensuring you do not experience a plumbing emergency in a failed sewer line. 1st Rooter are the preferred plumbers in Hamilton for sewer drain replacement. We have over two decades of experience replacing all kinds of sewer drains including clay, metal, and PVC piping. If you know that your sewer drain will need replacing soon, or you begin to notice abnormal behaviour in your wastewater fixtures, contact 1st Rooter and protect your home and family.

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